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Nursing Board Meeting Guidance | Chelle Law

Nursing Board Meeting Guidance


The purpose of a Board of Nursing’s Board Meeting is to review the complaints that have been received and investigated by staff to conclude whether there has been a violation of the Nurse Practice Act, and, if so, determine what disciplinary action should be taken (if any).

Prior to the Board Meeting the Board members read each investigative report and other documents before the meeting, so that they are prepared to discuss each complaint/investigation during the Board meeting.

In the vast majority of states the Board Meeting is open to the public. The nurse is generally given a short period of time (usually up to five (5) minutes per nurse). Board members may ask the nurse questions regarding the investigation. After you are given a chance to speak and the Board members have discussed the matter they will usually vote regarding what discipline (if any) they believe is necessary.


  1. READ THE BOARD MEETING AGENDA: Most agendas are required to be posted twenty four (24) hours prior to the scheduled Board Meeting. Find out where your case falls on the Agenda.
  1. FILL OUT A SPEAKER SLIP: You will be required to fill out a speaker slip informing the Board that you are present and would like to make a statement and/or answer the Board’s questions.
  1. ADDRESS THE BOARD: Prepare some bullet points in advance prior to the Board Meeting addressing the main points of your defense.
  1. ANSWER THE BOARD’S QUESTIONS: Rehearse your answers to the Board’s likely questions prior to the Board Meeting.
  1. DETERMINE YOUR DISCIPLINARY RESULT: Note whether the Board decided to discipline you and what kind of discipline it was (dismissal, letter of concern, probation, suspension, etc.)