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Nursing Board Interview Preparation | Chelle Law

Nursing Board Interview Preparation

Nursing Board Interview PreparationBoard of Nursing Interview Preparation

One of the most important parts of a Board of Nursing’s investigation is the investigative interview. The investigative interview is conducted by the Board’s investigator, and it allows the investigator to ask pointed questions regarding the complaint. It also allows the nurse to explain the circumstances behind the complaint or self-report.

Prior to the interview Chelle Law can review the likely questions the investigator will ask, and assist you in determining the best way to respond to each question.

Interview Preparation Assistance:

  1. INVESTIGATIVE INTERVIEW STRUCTURE: We will discuss with you the particulars of the interview: who will be there, what information is relied upon, etc.
  1. REVIEW POTENTIAL QUESTIONS: Our vast experience with Board of Nursing investigations allows us to predict the likely questions that will be asked.
  1. DETERMINE APPROPRIATE ANSWERS: How you answer the investigators questions will be vitally important to the ultimate result of the Board’s investigation.
  1. MEDICAL RECORD ASSESSMENT: If patient care is involved in the complaint the investigator will likely review the medical records of the patients involved.
  1. EXAMINE PROPER TONE AND APPEARANCE: How you look, what tone you take with the interview and keeping your emotions in check are important parts of the interview.
  1. CONDUCT MOCK INTERVIEW: We will conduct a mock interview, so that you can better understand the pace and tone the investigator will likely take.