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Investigation Assistance Program | Board of Nursing Attorney

Investigation Assistance Program

Hello, I’m attorney Robert Chelle and I assist nurses across the country with Nursing Board investigations. The purpose of this video is to discuss the benefits of utilizing our Investigation Assistance Program, and what to expect once you have made the decision to move forward with us.

Being under investigation with a Board of Nursing can be a scary proposition. Most nurses are understandably fearful that their license and livelihood may be in jeopardy, and they recognize that they could benefit from guidance regarding the investigation. However, many nurses cannot afford full legal representation. Full legal representation can cost a nurse between $3000-5000 with the possibility of additional costs.

So, with that in mind, I created a unique Program for nurses dealing with Board of Nursing issues. I will lend you all of my experience representing hundreds of health care professionals before licensing boards without the hefty cost of actual legal representation. I implement effective strategies that reduce the likelihood you will lose your license and the career that you worked so hard for.

So, what does the Investigation Assistance Program consist of? The Program offers the following: a complete review of your Boards investigatory process, with your input we will draft a professional response to the complaint, we will fully prepare you for the investigative interview including a review of the questions they will likely ask and how you should respond, we will also review how you should respond and present yourself to the Board at your Board Meeting appearance. Additionally, we will be available to answer your questions throughout the entirety of the investigation.

There are no hidden costs or upcharges. I charge a flat fee that covers all of the services I mentioned previously. No hourly rate is involved, thus, there are no charges for every time we communicate. You pay one fee that covers the investigation up until your initial Board Meeting appearance.

A frequent question asked by nurses is whether they need a local attorney? The answer is you may, and if you do, I will tell you so during our initial consultation. The Program involves universal tips and strategies that apply to every states’ investigatory process. Therefore, I will not be representing you, but guiding you through the process.

This model will not meet the needs of every nurse under investigation, but I can assure you it has worked incredibly well for those that felt I was the right fit for their needs. If you would like to schedule a consultation or if we have already completed a consultation and you want to move forward with our medical board assistance please contact my office today. If you value your career as a nurse please consider utilizing our Investigation Assistance Program it could be the most valuable investment of your professional career.