Have you received notice of a nursing board investigation?

Nursing Board Investigation NoticeA nurse facing a Board of Nursing investigation may be subject to probation, suspension or revocation of their nursing license. Additionally, a nurse may have difficulty finding future employment or be terminated from their current position unless the investigation is dealt with proactively. Once you receive notice of a complaint it is important to seek assistance as soon as possible to ensure the most accurate and effective response to the complaint.

Here are some tips in regards to a Board of Nursing investigation:

  • Do not discuss the events surrounding the complaint with co-workers or the administration of your facility.
  • Document the events surrounding the complaint in detail. Your memory will degrade over time, so make certain to list dates, times, names and events around the event as soon as possible.
  • Any witnesses familiar with the incident that are willing to testify on your behalf should write down their recollection of the events in an affidavit (a sworn statement).

A nurse must take the necessary steps to nullify or reduce disciplinary actions taken against them and obtaining assistance is the best way to preserve your rights.

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