Do You Need An Attorney?

Attorney assistance is not required by the Board; however, having an attorney assist you with the investigation will likely help you in receiving a better outcome than if you were on your own.

If the Board is my advocate why would I need attorney assistance?

Licensing boards are administrative agencies. Thus, Boards must balance the integrity of its licensees, including membership rules and regulations against the safety and trust of the general public. Your licensing board is not organized to be your advocate. While Boards attempt to operate with a sense of fairness and equity towards the individuals they license, adverse or misguided judgments could effect your ability to continue your current livelihood. Without question, a licensee should have an attorney familiar with professional license defense assist them to protect their license and career.


Can’t my criminal defense attorney, estate planning attorney or family attorney assist me with the Board investigation?

For many years, unfortunately, the practice of medicine and law has become so complicated, highly skilled professionals have found it more efficient to practice in a narrowly tailored part of the law. Professional license defense needs the full attention of an attorney with experience in nursing board defense.

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