Are you having trouble getting licensed?

Board of Nursing Application IssuesIf you have a criminal incident in your past or a practice related event, the licensure process may be stalled while your Nursing Board (“Board“) investigates the incident. A DUI or substance abuse related criminal incident from your past can lead the Board to question whether you have a substance abuse problem, which can lead to the Board ordering you to receive a substance abuse/addiction evaluation (while adding months to the licensure process).


Do not wait to submit your application. With an incident in your past it can take months to progress through the licensure process. If an investigation is initiated you will have to:

  • Submit an Investigative or Arrest Questionnaire
  • Respond to your investigators inquiries
  • Come in for an interview at the Board
  • Likely go before the Board at the Board meeting

Keep in mind that the Board will not speed up the application process just because you have a position waiting for you. You should determine if you may have a concern prior to entering nursing school by contacting Chelle Law to schedule a consultation. However, if you are currently enrolled in nursing school or have recently graduated you should seek legal assitance to determine what steps can be taken to ensure your application is processed promptly.

Do not contact the Board to discuss your past or a specific criminal incident. The Board investigator that you speak with will take extensive notes regarding your conversation and the notes can be used against you during the investigation process.


It is also important to answer the application questions in the correct manner. Withholding information or not disclosing past events can cause the Board to initiate an investigation or cause you to receive discipline in the future.

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